«Love.Dog.Dot.RU» written by Leon Agulansky.

«Maskarad» Theatre Agency (Moscow)

Leon Agulansky  is a well-known doctor in Israel and, at the same time, he writes books, screenplays, and drama.

«Love.Dog.Dot.RU», written by Leon Agulansky (Rus). The Performance of «Maskarad» Theatre Agency (Moscow).  Stage Director: Roman Samgin. Cast: Maria Aronova and Andreii Urgant. Duration: 1h40min.

Internet dating  is common now.  Millions of lonely people are seeking their love in various social nets. Letters and photos, reposts and likes fly all over the world from people that know each other virtually, looking for happiness and love.

The characters of the play Love.Dog@.Dot.RU communicated in Internet for a long time before a real meeting. A successful, real estate business woman and a famous doctor – a plastic surgeon, — aren’t they created for each other?

Premiere: 05/11/15  19:00  Theatriun on Serpuchovka. 20/11/15  19:00  Zuev Culture Center.

This play was written a few years ago (in Russian) and was staged by Gennady Yusim and Alexandr Kaplan in Theatre «Matara» (Israel). Now it staged by well known Russian Theatre Agency  «Maskarad». Mr. Roman Samgin is a Stage Director, who did a lot of very successful performances before, give to that play a new life on the stage. About the cast. It is a big pleasure to announce this very famous artists: Maria Aronova and Andreii Urgant.



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"Daily and hourly medical practice remind me of an extremity of our life. I try to yell to people. If today they understand that their lives end not in one thousand years, but in the nearest future, perhaps, they will stop being morons. In dramatic art I am interested in the inner dialogue of the person. This dialogue is ruthless and cruel. You can't lie to yourself. ".

Leon AgulanskyA writer, dramatist, surgeon

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