Leon Agulansky «The World behind the Looking Glass»

Leon Agulansky  is a well-known doctor in Israel and, at the same time, he writes books, screenplays, and drama.

For this book the author, Leon Agulyansky, was awarded by Chekhov’s prize (Russia, 2009). This is the collection of novels and short stories about life and death, love and hate, freedom and necessity. It is impossible to make up such stories: A woman in Gypsy captivity and her daughter lost in the forest; married doctor’s beautiful affair with a tragic ending; a Meeting of an Ex-Love in another country after fifteen years; a second life-chance in prison — all stories based on true events which were collected by the author from his readers.

Available on:  http://www.amazon.com/The-World-behind-Looking-Glass-ebook/dp/B00KQFU0KO

"Daily and hourly medical practice remind me of an extremity of our life. I try to yell to people. If today they understand that their lives end not in one thousand years, but in the nearest future, perhaps, they will stop being morons. In dramatic art I am interested in the inner dialogue of the person. This dialogue is ruthless and cruel. You can't lie to yourself. ".

Leon AgulanskyA writer, dramatist, surgeon

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