Leon Agulansky

Leon Agulansky (Biography)

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Born in 1959 (Leningrad, Russia). In 1982 graduated from Medical school in St.-Petersburg. Has been living in Israel and US since 1988 and working as a doctor in his own clinic. 

Member Playwright of the Dramatists Guild of America and Russia.Union Member of Russian and Israeli Writers. Chekhov Prize winner (Moscow, Russia 2009).

Author of the novels: “Non-Russian Roulette”, “Reservist

Author of short stories collections: “Visit to the Mirror-World”, “Parallel Curves”, “It is a Moment that Matters

Author of plays: 

Wooden Theatre” — Drama (rus, eng, heb) a play staged by the “Matara” theatre in Israel. 

Sparrow’s Nest” — Drama (rus, eng, fr, ger, heb) was staged by the same theatre in Hebrew and in Russian. In June 2011 the “Matara” theatre was on tour with this performance in St. Petersburg Russia. In 2012 the performance won the Audience Award at the festival of chamber theatres in St. Petersburg. This play was performed on 07.2013 in Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania (Vilnius), on 27.06.2014 in Russian Drama Theater (Astana, Kazakhstan), on 27.03.15 in Kineshma Drama Theatre (Russia), on 25.05.16 in Theatre «Bez viveski» (Moscow, Russia).

“What Complaints Do you have?”  Comedy (rus, bel, heb) was staged by the Theatre of Belarusian Drama in Minsk (now the performance is under the title “What hurts you?) and Academic Theater of Drama in Vitebsk (Belarus). 

“The Conductor”  Drama (rus, eng, fr) – one-act for one actor play was staged on 21.11.14 in Griboedov’s Drama Theatre (Smolensk, Russia): Regional Theatre of Minsk, premiere 26.02.18.

“The Lovedog@dot.ru”  Comedy (rus) – two actors (M+F) play — was staged on 02.2014 in «Matara» Theatre (Israel), on 05.11.2015 in «Maskarad» Theatre Company (Moscow, Russia).

“I’m a live”  Musical Drama (rus) 4 actors (2M+2F) play (not staged). 

“Bochuka” — pantomime for 3 actors (not staged).

«WoMan» — Drama for two actors (rus, eng, fr, heb), «Matara» Theatre (Israel), staged in Heb. Premiere 12.11.17. The performance is a laureate of International Theatre Festival AKKO (2017).

«Grandma’s dream» — Comedy for 8 actors — was staged on 06.11.2015 in Griboedov’s Drama Theatre (Smolensk, Russia) and got three awards of International Theathres festival Smolenski Ark (2016).

«A Snort of Whiskey» — Drama for 8 actors -was staged (in Bel) on 27.05.17 in National Academic Theater of Drama in Vitebsk (Belarus).

Contact:E-mail: leonagulansky@gmail.com Fax: +972-3-9526657 Mob: +972-50-5425893 Address: 11/33 Kapah street Rishon Le Zion, Israel 7573008

Здравствуйте, Леон.